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A Blog. I’ve had them before, about 5 years ago.

A lot has happened since then and thinking back on that Myspace, Zynga pity party, I’m determined to make this more than just a depression-soaked complaining platform. That’s totally gonna happen anyway, but hopefully, there will be more than just that to balance it out.

Starting a blog again, I feel like I’m back at that age, young and vulnerable, and hoping for clarity in my crazy, uncertain life. I’m currently watching Awkward on MTV and, I’m not gonna lie, it totally influenced me to start this. If that 15-year-old fictional character can find strength and comfort and maturity through her pretty-wise-for-a-fifteen-year-old monologues, then maybe I can too.

Anyway… Here’s to a happy blog that inspires myself and others to live their life to the fullest: no regrets! Or if you have regrets, then no more regrets! I’ve fallen back into fear over the years, and this is my first step out. Welcome.