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Tonight, my boyfriend suggested going out to dinner- something we haven’t done in a while. Because I was so pleasantly surprised by such a nice evening, I made sure to show him how much I appreciated it by offering to drive and allowing him to pick the place. It was an all around successful evening. So, I can’t help but feel proud of myself for remaining calm and positive over the last week instead of snapping or getting worked up over something small. Yay progress! Positive reinforcement to keep this steady train on the move!

Now on to more serious stuff. Like how awesome this theme is. Yes, it is awesome. It is ridiculously cute without being overbearing. Hard to analyze it, but let’s be honest:  You smiled when the balloons floated up. And that is enough reason to celebrate it. Thank you and congrats to the designers.

Is it weird that the theme is so important to me? I don’t think so, really. It creates a mood, a visual platform from which my writings and posts will either soar to wonderful heights on its optimism, or deflate from the clashingness. (In case you haven’t noticed, I like to make up words. A la Shakespeare.) In any effect, seeing this happy and quirky theme perked me up and really made me feel like now this is my blog. I just want to post happy and quirky things to match! And if it does so much to brighten my mood, hopefully it will do for yours too.

Let’s celebrate the small things, so that when the big things come around, we’ll be ready from all the practice. And if some of the small things aren’t so happy, be glad they are small enough to overlook and you won’t be burned out when the bigger problems arise. What small thing made you smile today? Just thinking about it should make you smile again. Double score.

And so, the quest continues… positively.