This is a great little article for bloggers, or writers of any kind (Well, maybe not journalists)! Very well explained. From: The Sceptical Prophet
(Yeah, I don’t know why that is misspelled, but it’s probably on purpose.)

*EDIT*  I found out it’s because he’s Australian. Crazy Aussies.

The Sceptical Prophet


Writing fiction, whether it be fanfiction or original fiction, is a hobby that has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity. I might attribute this spike in popularity to the recent success of some mediocre and terrible books, but that’s a rant I’ll have to save for later. Another factor influencing this trend is the ability to self-publish. Unfortunately, self-publishing has no quality control, and is really just the dead-end for a deadbeat writer, like a basketball player resorting to coaching primary school kids. The ultimate goal has, and always will be, to be published by a real publishing house with the means to distribute your book and pay you royalties (as opposed to self-publishing where you pay to get your book published).

Anyway, I’m a regular on a number of writing forums and have given quite a few hopefuls some advice ranging from advanced writing concepts to simple techniques…

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