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Bahaha. I changed the language settings to French. Now, the posts in my categories lists are in French. Serves me right. I’m not fluent! But I do miss it. Studying it in school only gets you so far. And that’s not very far, to be honest. Someday I will go to France: Provence, Paris, peutêtre Nice, ou quelque place. Where I will try to resist the lovely munchies that I am intolerant of and generally suck at knowing what anyone is saying.

My syntax is horrible in this post. And I don’t care. Pretend I’m native French and think Wow! She’s sure got a handle on our language! Je pense que si j’écris en français, mon “syntax” serrait terrible! (et mon vocabulaire et grammaire… ha!) Verdad, yo hablo en espagnol maintenant. FRANGLISHPANGNOL! French in my dreams, English most other times, and Spanglish/Spench after that. Oy! So many languages, and none of them perfect. (Hey, nobody’s English is perfect except Strunk, or maybe White.)

But I love languages. I really do. I’ve always wanted to learn a really obscure language with one or two friends so we could speak privately anywhere! Like when I went on a picnic the other day with my boyfriend and near us was a group of Russian (or some other slavic-sounding language) speakers. I had no clue what they were saying. An what freedom they had! They could be talking about poop, but they didn’t have to fear any retribution or weird looks from us because we had no idea what they were talking about. I sure hope it was about poop. That would be hilarious. I’m pretty sure that if my friends and I knew a secret language, we’d be talking shit all day. See what I did there? But really, how fun would that be? What other languages do you speak besides English?

If you know Klingon, that’s cool too. Though I don’t speak it. Back in high school I tried learning Quenya or  Sindarin (Elvish languages from Lord of the Rings), but man is that language a tongue twister. Never got anywhere with it. I also taught myself Hiragana, but that has been long forgotten. So desu ne??? Yup, it’s true. So let me know in the comments!

Savo ‘lass a lalaith!