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Heed my call, Fellow Bloggonians, WordPressites, and Readers!

For I declare that henceforth and forthwith, I shall live my life in style, with heart, art, creativity, love and passion, focus and ambition, drive and perseverance. For I shall not let my dreams fall asunder.

Therefore and to aide me, I have made the following list, which I shall follow until death or completion (or until I have decided it no longer benefits me or The Quest). Updates and milestones shall be posted here, on this very Bloog, whereupon you shall see my efforts, failures, and successes. In an effort of order, stability, and accountability, I shall require myself to post at least once every week, unless it is simply not possible, in which case I will post as soon as the obstacle is overcome. And now, behold the list:

Start a Bloog. Done.

Get up before 10 AM every morning (unless a great ball has been partied the eve before; exceptions not to exceed twice a week.)

Post style and fashion ideas bimonthly.

Post original recipe bimonthly.

Complete a painting, drawing, watercolor, etc. monthly

Complete a chapter in my novel monthly

Work to gain income from these endeavors EVERYDAY

Smile every morning, before and after every meal, and before bed.

Drink 8 glasses of water EVERYDAY

Inspire others

Today is Saturday the eleventh of August. This decree begins now!

Savo ‘lass a lalaith, mellonaemin!