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Here’s my contribution to The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Passive Voice. It was a challenge of recognizing, understanding, and properly using Passive Voice in a creative piece that focuses on an object (object as subject). I obviously used a mix of passive and active voice, allowing the passive voice to emphasize the tragedy done to my sandals. (They were not to blame. They’re inanimate. Yet I also chose to bring in moments of personification just to mess with ya!) Or to pass blame off of me [see end of song]. I used the active voice to more clearly and strongly express the personification, which acts as a projection of my -of the first person character “I” in the song- emotions and thoughts about the sandals. (Poor things, I left them, I miss them, do they understand, etc.). Enjoy…


My sandals were stolen from the beach.
I sat them by my towel, but they went out of reach.
Now my feet are lonely, burning on the sand.
I just wonder: Do they miss me? I wonder if they can…

Were they thrown into the ocean, to float to distant lands?
Are they happy, are they restless, are they facing reprimands?
Do they blister in the sunlight forever on their backs?
Do they have any aloe to clear up all their cracks?

Oh how I miss my sandals. How I wish they were here.
Stolen from me, taken away.
Do they know they’re missing, will they miss me one day?

There they were so peaceful, sitting in the sand.
I was so blissful, care-free and tanned.
Til I noticed my foot souls were gone for good.
Now my sandals will have to live on as driftwood!

Yes, my sandals were stolen. But, I have to admit,
now that I have a new pair I don’t care one bit.
So if you see my sandals, I hope they understand.
I didn’t mean to leave them; they were lost in the sand.

I lost my sandals. My sandals were lost.
I tried to retrieve them, but it’s too high a cost!
Now a lesson I’ll give, from my own history:
Be kind to your sandals, or you’ll end up like me.

(And that would be what? Sandal-less? Singing random songs to WordPress? LIVING THE CRAZY LIFE, I TELL YA!! God it’s late. I just wrote a song. I hope you like it. Be as brutal as you want. But just know, I wrote and recorded this between the hours of 2 AM and 4 AM. cuz I’m gangsta. Peace out.)