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A Journey Into The Mind

(Rap it aloud, get into that rhythm)

In a land much like our own

But different from our home

It’s a heaven and a hell

Things are skewed and none can tell

Where or when or how we are

Only that we know we are

Different circumstances

Same furtive glances behind

Wondering if it’s in my mind

But what happened to the time?

And my voice– I’m like a mime

All senses subdued

I’m imbued

With altered functions

With weird conjunctions

Of past and present and future

It’s all been sutured

From reality and vision and fear

So that it all becomes queer

As the end draws near

I do not know

Until I go


sharply taken

and thrust back into the light

(though sometimes night)

of day

But it was all just a dream

No matter how it seemed –

It was all just a dream

In my head, just a dream.


Now here are two versions of this spoken aloud: One is performed how I first imagined it (quickly, like a rap) and one is re-imagined at a slower, more theatrical pace. Let me know in the comments which one YOU like better. :)

(This post is for the weekly writing challenge)