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Super fun girl made my day with her request for a “crazy clown face.”

So I haven’t written in a while. :/ Sorry. I have been busy with new designs for my face painting and planning a party for my friends to model them! Wednesday is the day. Friends are coming over and allowing me to paint their faces with my new designs, to photograph them, and to put those in my portfolio. I’m really excited!

Zombie cupcake idea from my friend, Bree. It even matches her earrings!

I love painting kids’ faces, but over the last few months, I’ve become a little bored with the usual rainbows and hearts that the kids usually request at birthday parties. I want to transform your face into something wonderful, magical, or horrifically gory! Unfortunately, birthday parties aren’t the best venue for that because I have to paint 10 faces in an hour. This is highly possible, but not if they all want a full transforming face with awesome details and mind-blowing illusions. I mean, I am fast – I can make an eight-year-old look like a zebra in less than five minutes- but I need a challenge! The parties are great, but I want to expand to a broader audience.

I love it when kids asks for something unique!

This party will, at the very least, allow me to test my designs and, at the most, get new opportunities and gigs doing more creative and fun designs (basically a kickstart to my own business).

Added bonus:  Three friends whom I haven’t seen in years (literally) are coming and another friend learned of my face painting-ness and wants me to paint at his daughter’s party in January. So sweet. I can’t wait. I hope all my friends like my work and that the right doors open wide in the very near future.

I’ll take pictures and post photos afterward. Wish me luck!

Do you face paint? Have you had your face painted? What’s your all-time favorite face design? Let me know in the comments! :)