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Confetti 1894 - Toulouse Lautrec

by Toulouse Lautrec taken from wikipaintings.org

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 26.

Accomplishments thus far:

1. I have a wonderful loving boyfriend whom I love completely. This is a huge accomplishment, since this is the first long-term, meaningful relationship I’ve been in.

2. I resisted the urge to abandon my dreams for money.

3. I graduated college with a BA in Studio Art

4. I have visited England, Scotland, Wales, and Canada.

5. I have made someone else happy: Many someone elses happy for a little bit, and a few someones happy forever.

6. My writing, prose and poetry, has been published.

7. I sold pieces of artwork.

8. I learned how to sew – rudimentarily- but still.

9. My voice is on a couple CDs that have been sold to the public.

10. I have the same best friends since high school (or middle school if you count those awkward, kinda just meeting you phase).

11. I have not created nor supported any family riffs.

12. I have channeled good spirits!

13. I took big risks.

14. I overcame a lot of fears.

15. I got braces at 24, cleaned them, took care of them, got them off in a year, and now wear the retainers religiously. A.k.a, I take care of my teeth finally!

16. Honor choir, Honor Violin, and other musical accomplishments.

17. Taught myself how to make good food that’s free of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, peppercorn, tomatoes, and yeast.

18. I got through my brief, but intense “drug phase” relatively unharmed and became a better person for the experience.

19. I got through an unhealthy relationship, learned from it, and found a super awesome healthy happy one!

20. I was there for my brother when he needed me.

21. I was there for my mom when she needed me (hopefully).

22. I have mostly forgiven my father for shit and understand him better. (Though I’m a stubborn bitch sometimes and hold grudges. That’s this year.)

23. I have family and friends who love me.

24. I successfully got over intense insecurities and jealousy both in my younger years, and when they reared their ugly head again this past year.

25. I started a blog that isn’t full of teen angst.

26. I am still trying to stay true to myself, while being open to new and great things!

…and one more for good luck, 27. I forgave myself for things in the past that cannot be undone and work to not make the same mistakes in the future.

I hope this year is one of happiness, health, and joy for me and for all!

Happy birthday to me and my mom. Thanks for pushin me out! ;)

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake (Photo credit: Will Clayton)