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Dracula seduces Fridays 10/9c on NBC. Premieres Oct. 25th.

Dracula seduces Fridays 10/9c on NBC. Premieres Oct. 25th. 

I can smell the fanfiction from here. It is steamy and punky and full of imaginative backstory. But back to the actual show.

Reasons I’m excited about Dracula:

1. Jonathan Rhys Myers. (With an AMERICAN accent? Hmm. Intriguing.)

2. Vampires (not the sparkly kind, thank god.)

3. Victorian Era.  Oh the costumes! (I hope they bring in some Houdini and peeps.)

4. Strange past life love scenario mystery triangle business. Yeah that made about as much sense as they hinted at in the trailer.

5. Oliver Jackson-Cohen. I know I’ve seen this bloke before (ah yes, the hot waiter friend in Going the Distance), but man is he fine in the trailer, with his lovely British accent. I’m a sucker. It’s sad, really. The entire cast list looks super great (Thomas Kretschmann!), including an actress with the last name of Smurfit. Come on. Smurfit. I hope she has blue hair.

6. The production crew is ridiculous. Writers, directors, producers. All have done great work in the past (Downton Abbey, The Tudors, etc.)

and finally,

7.  IT’S DRACULA! and it ain’t your grandmother’s Nosferatu.

Thanks to 3 Chic Geeks for the heads up on some other great upcoming shows this Fall. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., anyone??)