About This Thing

So There’s This Thing…

A Blog. I’ve had them before, about 10 years ago. 

A lot has happened since then and thinking back on that Myspace, Zynga pity party, I’m determined to make this more than just a depression-soaked complaining platform. That’s totally gonna happen anyway, but hopefully, there will be more than just that to balance it out.

Starting a blog again, I feel like I’m back at that age, young and vulnerable, and hoping for clarity in my crazy, uncertain life. I’m currently watching Awkward on MTV and, I’m not gonna lie, it totally influenced me to start this. If that 15-year-old fictional character can find strength and comfort and maturity through her pretty-wise-for-a-fifteen-year-old monologues, then maybe I can too.

Anyway… Here’s to a happy blog that inspires myself and others to live their life to the fullest: no regrets! Or if you have regrets, then no more regrets! I’ve fallen back into fear over the years, and this is my first step out. Welcome.

A Bit About The Author…

I am a woman in that weird meta-stage between college and career. I chose the art thing, which isn’t a big income getter, so I’ve been living back with my rents to save. — Not Anymore! This leaves me feeling trapped and lame, so as an attempt to escape, be sane and in control of myself, I am writing a blog. — I feel much better now that I have a place of my own (with a great roommate)! When I went to art school, I kind of forgot about my writing. Even while taking the required creative writing class, it seemed more nostalgic than anything, so writing this will be cathartic and fun! Hopefully along the way, I will learn about myself, the world, and life in general… Oh and this will surely morph beyond just a plain blog. Pictures, art, poetry, verse, FOOD, etc. will litter my page. I plan to make it a fun and creative exploration of my world. Go forth, if you dare!

7 thoughts on “About This Thing”

  1. Nice to ‘meet’ ya! I can completely relate to the whole “trying to stay sane while living with the parents” :)

  2. Oh the dreaded in-between stage. I know exactly how you feel! I’m assuming you’re in your twenties, so you should check out Twenty-Something Bloggers — it’s a great place to share your blog and read about other struggling twenty-somethings.

  3. I have no knowledge of if there is a private message function on wordpress, so I’m checking in here: hope you’re doing well and everything is functioning smoothly in your world!

    • Thanks! That is very kind of you! I am doing very well. I’ve spent a lot of energy redirecting my focus to balance my life without a partner at the moment. I feel a lot more like myself again, and while I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself, I don’t think I’m quite ready to dive back into a relationship. But otherwise things are great! :) I hope all is well with you too. I’ve kinda ignored this site while I’ve been getting my stuff back on track. But your comments are always lovely and appreciated. :)

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