Pie Contest Part 2


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Part two of my KCRW’s 5th Annual Pie Contest experience! In which I will describe the many trials of starching up a gluten-free pie crust – with pictures! (Did you miss the beginning? Check it out here.)

The first crust test has begun:

After a previous failure a few years ago with Bob’s Red Mill GF Baking Flour, I thought I’d try a different brand as my starting flour. Normally, I love his stuff, but it was too coarsely ground for this project and it did not use enough starch. And if worse came to worst, I’d make my own flour mix from scratch.

While at the store buying my fruits for the filling, I found Pamela’s GF flour mix. I checked the ingredients and not only did it have two types of starch, it also included a pie crust recipe on the bag. So I thought, “Why not?” Continue reading



Checking In


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Hi Errbody!

For those following my pie story, rest-assured the next part is on its way. It will probably be three parts, so you can expect to have one part posted every week or so. (Part 2 will be up tonight.)

Thanks for the comments! I have since baked another pie with a friend and added a couple new ingredients that upped the flavor, but altered the texture, so still a work in progress. But I will share what each ingredient adds to the final product. Most of this is research on the crust itself, though I did have a revelation about a new filling trick, which I am selfishly tempted to keep a secret, but no. The more delicious GFV pies out there the better. So check back tonight for Part 2 when (almost) all my secrets will be revealed!!

Once I put up my recipes, please try them out and let me know what you think!

Do you have any Gluten-free, vegan tricks for baked goods (pie or non-pie)? Let me know in the comments! :)

Happy Tuesday

Pie (Baking) Contest – Part 1!


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This past Saturday was KCRW’s 5th Annual Pie Contest, presented by Evan Kleiman, the host of their radio show, “Good Food.” This is the story of my experience as a contestant!

Two years ago I went with a couple of my friends to their 3rd annual pie contest just as a guest. It was a relaxed atmosphere of great tunes (KCRW DJs), great art (it’s held at LACMA), and fantastic pie smells wafting throughout the courtyard. (Unfortunately it was also hot as hell.)

As guests to this FREE event, we got to wander around LACMA’s courtyard where all the contestants’ pies were on tables waiting for us to stand in a long long line, fill our plates to the brim with as much pie as we could get, and then dig in, savoring the multitude of flavors crashing together and blending on our fork. There were fruit pies, nut pies, cream pies, even savory meat pies! But alas, no gluten-free, vegan pies. Continue reading