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Hi Errbody!

For those following my pie story, rest-assured the next part is on its way. It will probably be three parts, so you can expect to have one part posted every week or so. (Part 2 will be up tonight.)

Thanks for the comments! I have since baked another pie with a friend and added a couple new ingredients that upped the flavor, but altered the texture, so still a work in progress. But I will share what each ingredient adds to the final product. Most of this is research on the crust itself, though I did have a revelation about a new filling trick, which I am selfishly tempted to keep a secret, but no. The more delicious GFV pies out there the better. So check back tonight for Part 2 when (almost) all my secrets will be revealed!!

Once I put up my recipes, please try them out and let me know what you think!

Do you have any Gluten-free, vegan tricks for baked goods (pie or non-pie)? Let me know in the comments! :)

Happy Tuesday